2017.11.16~11.26 A.I & Artificial Creativity_part3

Project Alter I: Action - Sensing - Face each other exhibited at Platform L.
GAS 2017

2017.11.17~11.18 MMCA Residency Chang-dong Open Studio

2017.10.27~10.29 Connected City, Playable City

Sookyun Yang participated in mini festival of Urban play project. The title is A walk with my D.I.Y PET in Cheonggaecheon.
Playable City

2017.09.23~10.1 A.I & Artificial Creativity_part2

Project Alter I: Recording - observation exhibited at SeMA Storage.
GAS 2017

2017.09.13~10.22 Cheongju Craft Biennale,
Main Exhibition RE:CRAFT

A new version of Super Craft Series, ttwali & kkagji exhibited at the 10th Cheongju Craft Biennale.

2017.08.10~08.15 A.I & Artificial Creativity_part1

Project Alter I: Serendipity performed on Kintex Exhibition Hall 3, co-work with Mu:p.
GAS 2017

2017.07.04~12.07 Residency Changdong Project Team A-Maker

Sookyun Yang as A-Maker has been selected project residency team MMCA Chang-dong, S.Korea.

2017.05.01~11.30 GAS 2017

Mu:p||Yangsookyun received a grant from Korea Foundation for the advancement of Science & Creativity on the topic of artificial intelligence.


Sookyun Yang participated in artist talk with wearable media at Hyundaicard M-stage in Seoul, Korea.

2016.01.30 ACTLABDAY Workshop

Wearable-Synthesizer workshop was held on ACC Creation Studio, Gwangju, Korea.

2016.01.06-02.02 Exquisite Corpse

Sookyun Yang & So-Young Kim had dual exhibition in busan, Korea.

TEKTONICS, ACT Fesitval 2015

Sookyun Yang & Jihyun Yoon presented in Tektonics at ACT festival in Gwang-ju.

Plastic Myths, ACC Creation

"Wuzhiqi: The Demon Chained under Turtle Mountain" will be shown on ACC Creation Space 2 Exhibition, Gwangju, Korea.

Plastic Myths, ACC Creation

New work, "PITAKA" will be shown on ACC Creation Space 2 Exhibition, Gwangju, Korea.

ACC Creation Residency Program Creators in Lab

Sookyun Yang participated in TRANSMEDIALAB at ACT residency program.

ACT Center

2014.09.03-10.17 Super Craft Series

New work, "Super Craft Series" will be shown on Da Vinci Creative, Seoul, Korea.

Da Vinci Creative 2014

2014.08.31 Super Craft Kit Workshop

Super Craft Kit Workshop was held on Geumchun Art Space, Seoul, Korea.

2013.10.02-2014.03.31 Brilliant Cube

Media artist group: Jonpasang created a new media work. It's been installed at M-stage Square near Gangnam station.

Brilliant Cube Movie

2012.11.11 Seoul Mecenat Arts Walk

"frog-xylophone performance" exhibited at Seoul national history museum, Korea.

2012 05.12-08.12 2012 YEOSU EXPO HYUNDAI Motor Group

Media artist group: Jonpasang's work, "Hyper-Matrix" exhibited at YEOSU EXPO, Korea.

2011 09.30-10.03 Seoul Art Space Festival

"Folding horse"exhibited at Sunyudo Park, Seoul, Korea.

2011.09.07-10 theCreatorsproject Seoul 2011

"Frog Xylophone" exhibited at Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul, Korea.


Sookyun Yang has been selected for 2011 NArt in SAS.

2011.05.19-05.22 Seoul Art Space GeumCheon open studio

The 2nd open studio was held in Geumcheon art space.

2011.04-2011.08 SFAC: Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Residence program

Sookyun Yang and Earl Park have been selected for the residence program.

2010.12.09-12.22 The return of techne

"Frog Xylophone" exhibited at Seoul art space geumcheon, Seoul, Korea.

2010.09-2010.12 SFAC: Seoul Art Space GeumCheon Da Vinci Idea Grant

Project team Jonpasang(Sookyun Yang, Earl Park, Dae-Ro Ra) received a grant.

2010.05.14 Lift@Seoul DALSMA

Project-moojigae presented at DALSMA 10 minute ice-breaker.


2010.04.08-11 Platoon Kunsthalle 1 year anniversary

"Spinning Light" exhibited at Platoon kunsthalle, Seoul, Korea.

2009.04.11-05.10 New media and old media : a journey of antagonism

"Merry-go-sound" exhibited at Youngeun Museum, Gyeonggi, Korea.