Midnight Mochi

2021.10.07 – 12.31
Art au Centre, Liège, Belgium

Curator : Collectif À Venir

Midnight Mochi collective exhibition displays a fragmented architectural space where surfaces and textures prevail over an impossible overview. Blurred details and enigmatic lines draw an imaginary construction. In the comfort of pastel waves, the artworks drag each other into a joint metamorphosis.

The liberated figures on the walls turn into attitudes of pleasure. The joyful colors of Kahina Loumi on shaped canvas work as abstract windows. Clémence Mauger dilutes floral landscapes, inspired by her nighttime observations. Shapes being on the tip of disappearance, light becomes a key element. Sookyun Yang produces forms that emancipate from gravity. Her video shows the making process using virtual reality, a digital craft with hyp-notic movements. In the background, Reiji Saito offers a visual experience of detachment, a daydream focusing on the details that everyday life piles up in front of our eyes.